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Classes based on the Australian Curriculum!

Unlike other tutors who play curriculum roulette, we stick to the script – because when it comes to your child's education, we believe in hitting the right notes, not just the ones nearby.

Why Apollo?


Catering to the Australian Curriculum, keeping the content relevent and ensuring children get the most out of the lessons


Qualified, high-quality and experienced tutors. Courses and class plans designed by professional educators

Class Size

Small class sizes, each student gets individual attention


Teachings all supplemented by homework, prep-work and manageable take-home tasks to facilitate growth

Our Locations

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Year 5 Classes

Year 6 Classes

Year 7 Classes

At Apollo, we take pride in delivering focused and effective learning experiences tailored to each student's current year level in the Australian curriculum. Unlike others who employ vague grading systems, we provide clarity and accuracy by aligning our courses directly with what students are studying in school. Our qualified instructors ensure that children not only stay on track with their coursework but also gain a deeper understanding of upcoming topics. By avoiding the pitfalls of placing students in classes that are either too advanced or too basic, we offer a customized educational journey that builds confidence, reduces stress, and sets the stage for academic success

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